Monday, December 3, 2012

Ten Secrets

Good Morning! Today, I'm gonna starting my 10 days posting challenge. First in a row is my 10 secrets.
So, here yah go.. :)

1. I can't stand a day without a hanky and sanitizer on my bag or pocket.
2. I'm afraid of rejection. yeah, I may be a curious person that always try this and that but I swear, I want
    to play it safe. I really don't want to be rejected.
3. PHR - precious heart romace. I'm fond of reading their pocketbooks, especially those that were written
    by Sonia, Martha, Juris and Heart. shhh, but I like to read this kind of books more than the other fictional
    books. But I don't want to deny that I love Nicholas Sparks' novels and E.L. James' trilogy of 50
    Shades (sino ba namang hindi!?) >:'D
4. I am a pessimist person. I often negate things. 'Di ko talaga alam kung bakit? but, the worst is more
    often, I apply it to myself, I see myself as the ugliest, the fattest and the worst of all the worst.
    (parang tanga lang, di ba? HAHA!)
5. I see my relatives as dragon compared to my parents and grandparents. Mas takot pa ko sa mga tito at
    tita ko, feeling ko kasi, perfectionist sila compared to my mom and dad. Parents are really the one who
    can understand and love their child, despite of the best and worst things you do. 
6. I often drink tea/milktea compared to coffee and others. I think I really need this because of its
    antioxidant power. It helps me more on my diet compared to other drinks.
7. Korean Movies - romance or horror, I'm having a hard time to get over of their films. I really find their
    stories remarkable, I even fantasize about the leading man! like in Heartstrings, I can't get over of Kevin
    for more than 2 weeks! this may sound OA, but this is really me.. :) 
8. This is odd, but, I'm collecting receipts, tags and cents :)
9. I got a crush on Alex Goot! I really love his voice. One of my favorite cover is A Thousand Miles,
    featuring Boyce Avenue. There comes a time that I pressed the repeat button and I was listening to the
   song for about almost 15 times. funny, isn't? :DD
10. I have a lot of things and I buy more, but believe me, I can give away all these things just to be with
     my whole, complete family - Velicaria/Garcia clan. (Here's a fact, Velicaria clan is much bigger that
     Garcia, for there are only 15 family members in Garcia while I can't count for Velicaria. In both clans,
     there are families who migrate there and there. That's why, we hardly go for a reunion.)

There you go, ten of my secrets in life. Hope you found this interensting. Tomorrow, I'll be writing about my
Nine Loves naman. See yah! Have a great day, sweets! :)

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