Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hello, sweethearts! this was my latest photo, I'm with my boyfie. yes! I have a boyfriend now :) this was after our platings, it's like a quiz, but with a higher percentage that constitutes our grade. We're both MedTech junior students. This will be for now, but I might do another post or posts this afternoon to catch up since I've been out for so so long :)

I'm back!

It has been so long since my last post.. now, I am back! yaaaaay!
I missed this blogging thing! uhm.. I want tell everyone thatI will be quite different with my future posts.. In a way that I will make my blog as my diary - will post not only about fashion but of random things, like my adventures, especially my foodie adventure, and studies or whatever that comes to my mind. Hope you'll be with me on this life journey. Have a blessed Sunday everyone! 💋

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweet Company

I got my ticket for the long way round, two bottles of whiskey for the way.
I sure would like some sweet company and I'm leaving tomorrow, what do you say?
You gonna miss me by my hair, you gonna miss me everywhere,
You gonna miss me by my walk, you gonna miss me by my talk,
You'll gonna miss me when I'm gone..

Being quirky with this shoot. I'm kinda hyper, hehe!
And later you will see na kahit ang baby ko, hindi nakakaligtas sa kakulitan ko >:)
I L-O-V-E my dog, Whitey :)
some facts about us:
- I love kissing and hugging her but every time I do it, she gets annoyed. She kicks or escapes
from me.
- She gives me a company when I'm doing my school works. She'll just lay down somewhere
near me when I am so busy.
- She used to wake me when I'm still in highschool. Mom would carry her up in my bed
because she can't jump into it. My bed is kinda high for my little cutie.
- She waits for me to come and watches me to leave from and for Manila in weekends.
- She likes kissing me.
- We are giving each other sweet company for almost 5 years :)

Feeling alone or lonely? Just call me, and I, together with my baby, am willing to give you some sweet company :) xx

Tube top: from my cousin
Velvet pants and footwear: Divisoria

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Old Lennon ~

Modelling for my own shop. Here's an outfit that is 'tatak Candy Couture'. Everything that I wore - the old lennon sunnies, fringed&tied top, dip-dyed shorts and studded flats - can be found at my shop. What I love the most in this is the old lennon, it's so old school but really fashionable. Can't deny the fact that it's boom-ing again :)

and follow us in IG, @CandyCouturePH. Thanks! x

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's always a good time!

It doesn't matter when, it's always a good time then.
It doesn't matter where, it's always a good time there.
We don't even have to try, it's always a good time! :)

Hello! Matagal-tagal na rin na hindi ako nakapag-post. Naipon ang mga queues ko, di kasi ako makapag-edit. Glad that I have nothing to do tonight because I don't have any class tomorrow. Here you go, this one is quite a shoot with our housemaid (she took my photos, btw). We both had fun! And the weather is really nice that afternoon,  kahit umambon. This post contains movements, we used action burst as the scene. And I love it! haha! these photos can tell you. I hope you enjoy this :)

first try..
second try.. I tried jumping :)
third try.. I did jumping again. I'm enjoying it! :D

Here, I'm with my baby - my electric-acoustic guitar. I actually love the sound of acoustics, playing this instrument and making someone smile :)

There. If you observed, I didn't use a lot of accessories. I only have my ponytail and a bracelet. This one is really me, I actually don't overhaul accessories. Everyday, watch and pony or pony and a bracelet or these three were on my left hand.
Did you like it? Please leave a comment below, tell me what you think of it :)

Dress: (c) Ate Rach - my cousin sent me this
Cover-up: Beso Beso (this is actually a sheer blouse, I just fold the collar inside)
Shoes: Vans

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So dope. So classic.

"I want every pair of Vans I see. So dope. So classic.."
                                                                             -Miley Cyrus

Tadaaaa! I got a new pair of shoes! (big smile on my face). I decided to buy this Vans because I think
I needed a footwear that is versatile - can look sporty with pants and shorts & girly with skirts and
dress. I really love this shoes, it's just that it's kinda big - but who cares? it's so comfy!
I also bought this trendy round sunnies at A'postrophe located at Trinoma. It is really cute!
You know, I bought this Vans last Monday and since then, I already used it four times. I can say that
it's kinda overused. lol! :D Last Friday, we went to Manaoag and this is my outfit. My arm candy is
new, I just bought it from there. I love that kind of bracelet, kinda boho :)
Love their checkered floor :)
A beautiful view last Friday afternoon - sunset. I adore sunsets, it make me feel calm. Nature really has its magic on me. When I go to Mall of Asia, I always watch the sunset at Manila Bay. I can just sit there and amazingly enjoying the dusk until darkness took over. Lovely, isn't? :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feathers and Braids

"I wanna wrap you up, wanna kiss your lips.
I wanna make you feel wanted.
And I wanna call you mine, wanna hold your hand forever.
Never let you forget it.."

Been in love with this song! (LSS) :">
These are lines from Hunter Hayes' Wanted. There's a cover of Alex Goot and Julia Sheer at the end of this post. Maybe you can play it while reading this. 

I wanted to use 'Bohemia' as the title of this post, but as I browse through the photos,  I can't say that my outfit is really that boho. This is really simple. Anyway, I'll just be staying at home.

Top: Four Square Boutique
Shorts: SM Department Store
Anklet: (this is actually a bracelet) Candy Couture
Arm Candies: Tomato