Sunday, January 13, 2013

So dope. So classic.

"I want every pair of Vans I see. So dope. So classic.."
                                                                             -Miley Cyrus

Tadaaaa! I got a new pair of shoes! (big smile on my face). I decided to buy this Vans because I think
I needed a footwear that is versatile - can look sporty with pants and shorts & girly with skirts and
dress. I really love this shoes, it's just that it's kinda big - but who cares? it's so comfy!
I also bought this trendy round sunnies at A'postrophe located at Trinoma. It is really cute!
You know, I bought this Vans last Monday and since then, I already used it four times. I can say that
it's kinda overused. lol! :D Last Friday, we went to Manaoag and this is my outfit. My arm candy is
new, I just bought it from there. I love that kind of bracelet, kinda boho :)
Love their checkered floor :)
A beautiful view last Friday afternoon - sunset. I adore sunsets, it make me feel calm. Nature really has its magic on me. When I go to Mall of Asia, I always watch the sunset at Manila Bay. I can just sit there and amazingly enjoying the dusk until darkness took over. Lovely, isn't? :)

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