Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feathers and Braids

"I wanna wrap you up, wanna kiss your lips.
I wanna make you feel wanted.
And I wanna call you mine, wanna hold your hand forever.
Never let you forget it.."

Been in love with this song! (LSS) :">
These are lines from Hunter Hayes' Wanted. There's a cover of Alex Goot and Julia Sheer at the end of this post. Maybe you can play it while reading this. 

I wanted to use 'Bohemia' as the title of this post, but as I browse through the photos,  I can't say that my outfit is really that boho. This is really simple. Anyway, I'll just be staying at home.

Top: Four Square Boutique
Shorts: SM Department Store
Anklet: (this is actually a bracelet) Candy Couture
Arm Candies: Tomato


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