Saturday, November 10, 2012

Things I loved today..

These are the things that I loved today - Sunday. A beautiful day set for God and for my family.
White flowers. It seems that our house looked cozy and peaceful because of these white flowers place
in our living room.
Kisses. This has been my comfort food and at the same time, a brain food for me today. I read for our
BioChem. I'm getting ready, for our professor said that we'll be having a quiz on each meeting.
Stripes boyfriend shirt. Yeah, I got a lazy Sunday so I decided to wear this. Btw, I started my day
celebrating the Holy Mass.
Braids. Yes, lovely braids. I got to love making this hairstyle for it looks sweet :)
Acoustic guitar. "I love the sound of acoustic and making someone smile". I'm a frustrated beginner.
hah! really, I'm tryin' my best to be better but those effin bar codes! I can't play them :( oh well, I
really need to try and practice and try and practice. God! please help me..
Baby. Whitey, my little sweet Japanese Spits.
I just her so muchhh more than all the dogs in the world! :)

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