Sunday, November 11, 2012

Turban Inspiration

Turban, base on Wikipedia, is a headpiece that is usually worn as customary headwear,
usually by men, in many communities in Middle East. As time passes by, the world of
fashion becomes wider and more creative. This traditional headwear was introduced
to English fashion in 1700's.
Turban can be paired up with different clothes like a classic lengthy dress or a casual high-wast pants
and a tank top. This headpiece is so chic! But, let's not forget that this also helps those who are in
horrible hair days. Turban is really one of the best ways to hide a bad hair.
Turban on the red carpet: Supermodel Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe's
gold sequined gown and turban.
Turban on the red carpet: Supermodel Kate Moss in Marc Jacobs'
asymmetrical dress and a coordinating turban. 
Turban on the runway: Prada introduces different colored turban
Turban on the street: Ombre hair and turban
Turban on the street: hair tied up and turban
Turban on the street: Be a chic in a bicycle with turban 
A June Ambrose turban tutorial.

Wanna be a chic despite of bad hair days? Try to wear a turban :)
I'll be posting a turban outfit, wait for it! :)

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