Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello, 2013

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!! I know, this one is late but late is better than never, right? :) Wishing all of you to have a prosperous 2013.

These are some of our food last night, on our Medya Noche. Spaghetti cooked by mom, ham cooked by yours truly, fruits that have an oval/circle shape, fish and shrimp, and dainties (kakanin; sapin-sapin and bibingkang kanin). They say that these give luck for the coming year. Our family are superstitious because we have Chinese blood (My granny is a Chinese). 

New Year's eve is not complete without firecrackers and fireworks. These are some of the view last night. The left most picture on the third row shows our street. And the right most photo on the third row, which is my favorite, shows the moon and firework. Beautiful, isn't? :)

Of course, we should start our year right. That's why, I attended the Holy Eucharist. On my previous post, Last Christmas, I mentioned that our Cathedral is well decorated and here are some of its photo again, our beautiful altar and life-size belen. 

Bluegreen! Credits to my mother dear, she took these photos since our housemaid has her day off. back to my outfit, They said that this is the color of the year, so I wore it >:) I know, this has a little or no possibility at all, but nothing will be lost if I will try it. So, yeah, Happy New Year, again! let's start our year with pure good vibes and love, love, love! Cheers! :)

Top, bottom and belt: Beso Beso

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